About Me

Hi! I am Meghan Hanna, the owner and IMG_1913edit3photographer behind Photography by Second Nature. Much of my life has always been based around being creative, which I love.

Photography started very early on in my life because it was a passion of my mother’s. She showed me how to use my very first camera & opened up an entire new world to me.

Through the lens of my M&Ms 35 mm film camera, I was capturing my childhood… Well that was the intention but I probably captured the inside of my backpack, a few fingers & most likely my sneakers. But we all start somewhere!

Being “the one with the camera” followed me through every social circle I had been a part of, all the way through college. I loved being the one to capture a moment & then share that with everyone.

Which lead me here, 20+ years later to start my business. But what I do is far more than “a business” for me. The fact that I am capturing memories, real life moments, for you… that is what it’s all about. I want to help you share and remember what your life was about through photographs. And while the posed photos look great framed on the wall behind the sofa, those candid moments that happen naturally, those are the ones that tell the real story. Let me capture your real story & book a session with me today…


*You can also catch more of me at my blog — Made By Meggs


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